FACE atelier is an innovative company that transforms the way cosmetics are sold. Cosmetics FACE atelier defies traditional cosmetic marketing as its only counter is an international website. FACE atelier is a full line of the highest quality color cosmetics, specially formulated to satisfy the needs and budgets of women everywhere. FACE atelier knows that high cost does not equate value, and is priced twenty to fifty percent below comparable high-end cosmetic lines. FACE atelier is committed to versatile cosmetics, skin care and make up that empower women and enable them to be the best that they can be. FACE atelier is committed to having a meaningful charitable mandate, and is pleased to announce that 50% of the gross sales of REVENGE lipstick will be donated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. FACE atelier is real make up for real women. FACE atelier believes in product Ė not packaging, as reflected in prices that are substantially lower than lines of similar quality. FACE atelier believes in the Ďfive-minute make-overí, as that is four minutes more than most women wish to spend on their makeup and skin care in the morning. FACE atelier believes that customers should be rewarded for their patronage with on-going promotions and discounts, rather than gift-with-purchases featuring product that works for the company, not the consumer. FACE atelier believes that the customer should be in control. Eye shadows are sold individually with drop-in palettes available separately. FACE atelier believes that brushes and other tools should be developed for maximum ease of use, without sacrificing skin care performance. FACE atelier believes in simple products that de-mystify the finishing and preservation of cosmetic application. FACE atelier believes in real make up for real women. Because FACE atelier knows... skin care
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#13 retractable lip
 Seal it with a kiss, using FACE atelierís high performing lipsticks, available in matte, satin or frost finishes.   FACE atelier Lipsticks are extremely well-pigmented ensuring long-lasting results.  They are also hydrating and moisturizing due to the high content of emollients in the formula.

Pure colours that endure the test of time.   Twenty-seven shades in seven colour collections.

∑  create a custom lip primer by coating your lips with a light layer of Ultra Foundation, then liningthe lip with a lip pencil.  Be sure to fill in the whole.  This creates a base for the lipstick, ensuring that it will last longer and and fade more evenly.

∑  donít match your lipstick to your outfit.  Lipstick should match your skin tone, not your scarf.

∑  applying lipstick with a lip brush helps press pigments in and set the color.   Then blot with a tissue and reapply.

∑  donít wear dark colors if you have thin lips, as it will make your lips look even thinner.   Stick to lighter shades to make the lips look fuller.   For even more fullness, apply a bit of gloss on top to reflect the light.

∑  donít use powder to set lipstick.   It dries out the lipstick and your lips, and can accentuate lip lines and cracks.

Fragrance free.  Flavour free.  Non-Comedogenic.

$22.00 each   4 g/.14 oz
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Fruits of Passion
Five playful shades of plum, assuring luscious lips all the time.
plum sorbetplum sorbet

crystal berrycrystal berry

seared berryseared berry

plum perfectplum perfect

chilled cabernetchilled cabernet


An array of five, rudimentary neutrals, from translucent sand to rich auburn.
sand stonesand stone




iced coffeeiced coffee



Power Play
A quartet of intense reds from crimson to scarlet.

red fuchsiared fuchsia

brick workbrick work




Rhapsody in Pink
Five sensuous shades from frosted pastel pink and funky fuchsia to the dark side of pink with a hint of merlot.
candy flosscandy floss

pink cashmerepink cashmere

diamond pinkdiamond pink

berry sorbetberry sorbet

pink sizzlepink sizzle



Royal Flush
Three majestic shades of burgundy, guaranteed to make a regal impression.
burnt burgundyburnt burgundy




Sea to It
Perfect your palette with a choice of two soft, subtle corals.
cool coralcool coral

coral reefcoral reef


Treasure Chest
Choose from a cache of three precious metals - gold, copper and bronze.
18 karat18 karat




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